Garnet Prime

What is a Garnet Prime?

Garnet prime is a business model, including turnkey solutions. Garnet prime provides fully-customizable turnkey solutions that deliver everything you need to provide your customers with access to thousands of global markets, under your brand. You can expand your product offering to include FX, CFDs & other OTC markets. Garnet FX has over ten years’ experience enabling businesses with complementary product portfolios to expand their offering.

Why you should become an Garnet Prime?

Our proprietary platforms are tried and tested by thousands of traders worldwide. They contain news, charting, and tools to help your customers analyze the markets. Our strong relationships with liquidity providers mean that we can deliver exceptional liquidity and consistently tight spreads, regardless of trade size or activity. With 12,000+ FX, CFDs spread bet, and options instruments available from one account, your customers will be spoiled for choice.

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