How does ZERO Account differ from other types?

Zero Acount you do not pay swap fees.

ZERO stands for Electronic Communication Network, and this model provides direct access to the Interbank forex market for pricing and execution that consists of an ZERO trading platform or API. Garnet FX provides a marketplace where these clients can trade against each other, sending bids and offers into the system. Interaction takes place inside the system, and traders can get the best offer at that particular time.

ZERO account trades are completely anonymous, where traders can deal with neutral prices that reflect real market conditions only. Trading takes place instantly, via live streaming, the best final costs, and immediate confirmations. As soon as a trade is dealt with, it is final and confirmed. There is no dealing desk to get in the way and no re-quotes.

Minimum Deposit 10.000 USD
Minimum Balance 5.000 USD
Available Base Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AUD
Spreads From 0.1 pips
Max Leverage 1:500
Min Lots 0.01
Commissions 0-10 USD
All Strategies Allowed ✔

Available quotes for FX Spot and Precious Metals Spot via our ETP execution functionality.

Executable Streaming Prices Executable Streaming Prices

We offer co-mingled anonymous and disclosed last look execution in a single or multiple order books

Liquidity Customization Liquidity Customization

Execute in a way that best suits your trading requirements and platform capabilities using one or multiple trading interfaces.

Different Order Types and Algos Different Order Types and Algos

Optimize your order book liquidity using proprietary, performance-based matching logic to prioritize high performing liquidity providers.

Proprietary Matching Logic Proprietary Matching Logic

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