Our vision not only embraces the finance industry but also welcomes the alternative areas and structures which involve different people across the world. We are willing to provide capital for those who layout the importance of teamwork and shared assistance. For this reason, we partner up with these distinctive organizations, groups, and people.


Garnet Trade Ltd is an official member of the Financial Commission , an international dispute resolution organization specifically focused on forex, and other digital currencies. It acts as an unbiased, efficient, and quick third party when there is a disagreement between brokers and their clients. The Financial Commission established around the committee members who are top experts on brokerage activities across the world and has presented outstanding compensation fund support.

Garnet Trade Ltd secures its traders’ investment by compensation fund with an Official Agreement with The Financial Commission. The compensation fund secures traders, who work with the participants of the Financial Commission, as an insurance policy. Each client of the company, which is a member of the Financial Commission, is eligible to collect up to 20,000 Euro in case the brokerage company withholds or has no chance to act in accordance with the Commission’s decision in favor of the client.

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